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close as it gets. >> this is what they mainly use in combat. it's very realistic. >> before going to war. >> the fbi also has a firing range at quantico and dozens of other local and federal law enforcement agencies use quantico for weapons and firearms training. >> we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning to you. it is mardi gras. celebrations enter full swing in new orleans today. some rain could put a little damper on the situation. but turnout is still expected to be strong. in our area, the national cathedral will hold its annual pancake race to celebrate mardi gras. >> and a little bit quieter back here but we'll keep the music going because we like to hear it. it is mardi gras. tuesday, february 12th. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. nothing but a party.
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>> time to bring in tucker barnes to talk about our weather. is it a party or something else in the weather department. >> i think we're partying in the weather center. >> sunshine, highs about 50 today. . it will be just fine. let's get to the numbers. here we go, reagan national. this is party-like. temperatures in the 40s to start your day. 45 at dulles. highs today, low 50s. so again, we'll be running above normal but it will be a of the day as we've ularly the hay front come through during the overnight. here are your winds. 15 at reagan national with gusts up to 30 particularly out to the west. notice hagerstown, winds gusting to 25. winds will be with us here for the first half of the day. breezy conditions expected. should be plenty of sun. not a perfectly sunny day but mostly sunny conditions expected. quiet conditions tonight. we'll claude up tomorrow with rain and/or snow depending
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where you are watching from tomorrow afternoon. here we go. 51 in washington with breezy conditions expected. should be a nice comfortable day for us and with the sunshine, it will feel pretty good. >> we'll party like it is spring because that is kind of what it will feel like. >> headed in that direction pretty soon. >> time now to check in with julie wright. >> what planet does she live on where spring is like 50. >> hey, it's getting warmer than it has been. >> spring is 72. >> we are getting closer. >> sarah says the glass is half full. >> thank you, wisdom. >> i can't see it because i can see my breath in the air. all right, guys. here in howard county is where we have the crash involving the overturned tractor-trailer on the ramp from westbound 32 to head northbound on 29. so obviously, this ramp is currently closed right now because of this ongoing investigation. so again, westbound 32 to go northbound on 29, accident activity involving the overturned tractor-trailer. no one getting past the scene at this time. let's continue with our cameras. we'll show you what else is
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happening out here on the beltway. you will find lanes are open, the pace good to go leaving college park headed past university boulevard all the way around towards 270. no issues to report along this stretch. nice, easy traffic volume on 395 leave is the beltway up and across the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. ime traffic. we continue to follow breaking news for you this hour. police are investigating what they say is a death investigation. >> an early morning shooting near the university of maryland campus leaves one person dead. melanie alnwick is live on the scene with the latest on this story. >> reporter: good morning. yes, again, prince george's county police still being very closed with the information that they have here. not giving us anything more officially than this is a shooting death investigation. we do know it happened somewhere around 1:00 in the morning. you can see that the street is still blocked off here. we are standing here on the opposite side looking down 36th avenue. the house is all the way down the street and then up to where
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you -- up the hill where you can see the other lights. we are hearing that there maybe at least one victim being possibly two victims here. may have been a fire involved in this as well. s are university of maryland alerts reporting that suspects with an s, so more than one, seen in a tan honda odyssey. but again, prince george's county police are not really giving us a whole lot more information than that to go on right now. we do want to be clear that this is in the city of college park and even though we are hearing that this is off campus, it doesn't necessarily mean that this neighborhood is populated or connected to university of maryland. but, of course, they are all one very large community together and so any time something does happen around the campus or near the off- campus areas, university ever maryland police also getting involved in putting information out but prince george's county police the lead on this scene
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at this point. we do hope to get more information as the story unfolds as detectives are still inside that house. people are still working very much an active scene and they usually don't give us a whole lot more information until daylight and they have a little bit more of their things crossed off and they talk to all the investigators. that is the most we can tell out record at this point. but if we get anything new, we'll let you know. >> i know you'll follow it. thank you. and we continue to follow a developing crisis in issue i can't. north korea is admitting that it carried out a nuclear test today. the white house is calling the test, quote, highly provocative. president obama says north korea's nuclear program is a threat to world security, even shine as expressing firm opposition this morning. later this morning at the u.n. in new york, the security council will meet to discuss the nuclear test. another big story we are following this morning, president obama will deliver his state of the union address
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tonight. the economy is expected to be the central focus with the president laying out a plan to boost the middle class and create more jobs. gun control reform will also be addressed. first lady michelle obama will sit with the parents of hadiya pendleton, the chicago teen shot and kill just days after performing in the inaugural parade. and d.c. delegate noamedz has -- eleanor holmes norton has invited the mother of a 16-year- old killed in a shooting in 2010. stay with for complete coverage ever the state of the union address. it begin at 9:00 p.m. followed by fox 5 news at 10:00. one day after pope benedict xvi surprised the world with at announcement of his resignation, the church is turning to the process of choosing his replacement. next step is for the college of cardinals to elect a new pope. even though many are talking about pick a pope from africa or latin america, most members of the college of cardinals are
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from europe. vatican officials are hoping they can pick a successor by holy week. coming up next, a look at the morning's other top stories. new details in the case of a 14- year-old boy charged as an adult in the death of his 7- month-old baby sister. >> also ahead, a community on edge this morning as police continue their search for a killer. what is happening to solve the murder of a 71-year-old woman found dead in her home.  [ anouncer ] ihop is in time square to compare
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sit -- a look at the morning's top stories. a 14-year-old boy accused of killing his baby sister is being charged as an adult. police say he admitted to beating the girl. the boy was left alone to watch the baby while his mom worked an overnight shift. neighbors in capital heights remain on edge as police continue to search for a killer. >> police and homicide detectives remain in the area handing out flyers about the murder of 71-year-old jordan even mcentire. she was found dead inside her chapel oakdz drive home on saturday. police say through their investigation they have been
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able to develop a suspect description. we are finding out more about the killing of a 15-year- old chicago girl who performed at president obama's inauguration. chicago police say the two men charged in the shooting of hadiya pendleton thought they were firing at rival gang member whose had shot one of the men last summer. first lady michelle obama attended hadiya's funeral on saturday. she is not even 10 years old but she is already up for an oscar. >> meet the star of a new film that is causing a lot of buzz and find out why they became teacher for the day. >> we're looking fine. we have temperatures falling back into the 40s. should be a decent day. we'll have your tuesday forecast and you'll want to seat wednesday forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. 
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. livelike outside over washington, d.c. not too bad right now. not rainy, not snowing. so nothing really to complain about. >> not yet. >> not yet. >> its a windy. how about that? like how windy? >> i didn't feel that on the way in. >> i didn't eating they are. >> when you go from the house to the garage, you won't notice the wind. the rest of us that have to go out to the car, we notice the
5:15 am
wind. >> i don't have a garage. >> i don't. >> when i went from the gar am to the car, i didn't feel anything. >> we'll -- when i went from the garage to the car, i didn't feel anything. >> we'll go outside and see. >> we'll all go like this. >> you test the wind to see which direction it's coming from. >> let's do that experiment and see if these two can tell which direction the wind is coming from by wetting your finger and sticking it up. >> : there is an app for that. >> there is an app for that. you're right. these temperatures not bad and we do have a bit of a breeze out there. 46 in annapolis. 41 in leonardtown. no 30s yet but these temperatures will likely fall here further. we've just had a cold front come through in the last hour or two. that is why our winds have picked up. these temperatures should fall a little bit. later today, highs in the low 50s. it should be a comfortable day. less humidity than yesterday and i lot more sunshine. here are your winds. 28-mile per hour out of the
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west. 28 out of the west here. gaithersburg, 28. 30 in hagerstown. 26 in winchester. we do have some breezes to contend with. the first half of the day will be breezy. lofts sunshine today. a quiet tuesday. high pressure is going to keep us nice and dry. you've got bigger map open because i want to show you what the next storm looks like. it takes shape right here into northern texas and oklahoma. that will slide up and along the southern jet stream and approach the washington area during the day tomorrow. what does it mean for us? it looks like a lot of clouds around tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon, we'll have some rain and/or snow breaking out across the area depending on where you are watching from. south and east of washington, mostly a rain event. washington, points north and west, it will be rain transitioning to snow during the afternoon and evening hours. doesn't look like a big storm. it could be enough to give us a little trouble. particularly late tomorrow afternoon as it will be arriving during rush hour. futurecast, sunshine at 5:00. we cloud up tonight and look what happens early tomorrow morning. clouds for your morning commute tomorrow and then we'll start
5:17 am
to seat system start to move in. there we are by 4:00. notice north and west, we are starting to see snow break out and rain south and east. much of the area, it ends as snow here. we'll get a little period of snow around here before things wind down. temperatures will be critical. not sure we'll actually touch the freezing mark so a lot of what falls may not stick. but keep an eye on tomorrow's forecast. 51 today. plenty of sunshine, breezy conditions expected. winds out of the west at 10 to 15. 33 tonight. cloudy and chilly overnight. notice the temperature not below freezing overnight. there is your storminess for tomorrow afternoon. rain changing to snow. thursday and friday look good. saturday looks cold and we still could do a coastal system this weekend. still some question marks. computer models all over the place. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic and find out what is happening with julie and the roads. >> we've got some problems here on the highway early this morning, tucker. this accident involving an overturned tractor-trailer.
5:18 am
this happens object on the ramp from westbound 32 to go northbound on 29 up in howard county. you will also find northbound on 29 only the left lane is squeezing by at the scene of this crash at the exit so again, northbound on 29, only the left lane gets by. ramp from westbound 32 to go northbound on 29 remains closed at this time because of this ongoing investigation. let's pull up our cameras. we'll show you what else is happening out here on the highway. you will find northbound i-the 5 in better shape leaving woodbridge. no issues reported heading north up into newington. traffic volume moving at speed for those traveling on 95 continuing from 286 and back out toward the capital beltway. the trip on 395 uneventful headed to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. she is just nine years old but she is already up for an oscar. >> an amazing feat. yesterday, she shared her life lessons with a group of aspiring stars. maureen umeh has more.
5:19 am
>> reporter: taking center stage, the 9-year-old star of the indie hit and oscar nam -- nominated film. she is in up to with her mother and the film's director sharing their film making experience while serving as teachers for a day to members of the theater program at gala hispanic theater in columbia heights. >> i hope to give them a sense of what this is that we do and kind of impart what it is like and what it takes. >> reporter: beast of the d my southern wild is the 30-year- old director's film. it is the storive a little girl and her dying father in the tight knit bayou community. a tear jerking tale that has
5:20 am
resonated with audiences garnering awards and sealing him as the young he have ever nominee. >> i just like the film. and i went to sundance, cannes and it ends up here. >> he chose the child when she was just five years old. >> can i remember a left things and now i remember like an elephant. that is what my mom tells me. she says i'm he a smart cookie. >> reporter: for the young actors of this program, this is a chance to hear from the experts and a chance to show their skills too thanks to the program launched in partnership fox and the president's committee on arts and humanities. >> young people learning from one another. wall is their teacher for the day with a few words of advice.
5:21 am
>> pray at night. >> a 9-year-old with undeniable star power sharing the spotlight at center stage where she belonged. maureen umeh, fox 5 news. , fox >> and she is nine. >> sound advice from a nine- year-old, lived a long and educational life clearly. >> can you imagine by 15 what she will have accomplished. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, how this is for a sweet 16 so remember. >> we've got the story of teen and her very lucky group of friends who just happened to run into rg iii. just happened. hey, what's up rg iii? we'll be right back to tell you more about that.  [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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welcome back. coming up on 5:24 right now. live look outside. temperature don't feel too bad for this time of the day. temperatures in the mid-40s around the d.c. region. we'll check in with tucker to see how the rest of day will shake out. >> valentine's day is thursday. >> i kind of forgot. >> me too. i'm going to get on it though. a last-minute romantic getabay may not cost you a fortune and according to the travel web site, you should look for good deals in cities that aren't far from where you live or look for a getaway in the area that is in the off season for tourist travel. >> that kind of of makes sense.
5:25 am
>> it makes sense. >> we'll go easy and do flowers. >> tuition at george washington university will not go up for returning undergraduates but incoming freshmen will pay 3.3% more. this is the 16th straight year the university has held increases. annual tuition appears fees for incoming yond graduates will be locked in at a mere $47,342.50 for just five years as long as they remain in good academic standing. >> a lot of money. special ceremonies will be held today marking the 214th birthday of abraham lincoln. there will be an event at the lincoln memorial at noon today. how about this for a birthday to remember. >> rg iii gave a teen and her friends a story to tell that they will remember for many
5:26 am
years to come. karen gray houston has more. >> reporter: it is every fan's painful lingering memory. redskins quarter back robert griffin iii hearting his knee and being helped off the field in that awful loss against the seahawks. then word that the injury was worse than first thought and he had been undergoing rehab in florida. and then all of a sudden, he popped up at a local resort in the d.c. metro area. we know that because a bun of of squealing teenagers who took lots of pictures with him after he finance issued his rehab in the pool told us all about it. it was maya lippedden's 16th birthday. she is from charlestown, west virginia and she and her friends and her brother are tickled pink. >> he with went down to the pool and it looked like they were having like a class. so we were like oh, don't know if we should go down. we got other girls. we should just go down because we want to go swimming. my friend amanned is was like oh, my god, that's rg iii. we're like oh, my god, is it
5:27 am
really. >> we were talking to him and we were like is are you really rg iii? and his train wears you guys can get a picture after. >> i was speechless. i had for idea what to say to him. >> tell us the part again about what lauren did. >> she jumped in the pool and was like i love you, rg iii. i'm your biggest fan and all that. it was really cute and she was speechless the whole time. she was shaking. >> i was so nervous. >> i was in the hotel room just like on my phone and manned alike runs up and goes oh, my god, rg iii is in the pool. i'm like i probably should go down. >> reporter: you get the picture and to top it all off, they have the tweets tweets to talk about. >> the girls tweeted him back. maya's mom is almost as thrilled as the kids. >> to top it off, they were able to interact with rg iii. it doesn't get better than
5:28 am
that. >> reporter: it was a sweet 16 parget did i -- birthday party this family and friends will never forget. >> surprise he had doesn't have lie a private pool to do that rehab. >> i don't know how he managed to get out on his own. >> i don't either but what a fun time. >> it was rg iii. his birthday as well. his own birthday is today. guess how old he turns today? >> 23. >> 23 years old. wow! >> 23 years old. >> we still have plenty ahead on fox 5 morning news. president obama prepares to give his state of the union address tonight. we'll tell what you issue is expected to take center stage. >> and we continue to follow breaking news out of college park this morning where police are investigating a deadly shooting. we'll be right back. right bac
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get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. speeding through february and we have yet to have any extreme weather like we've had to the north. >> and to the south where the tornadoes were. another quiet day today. we do have winds out there to start your day. later this afternoon, high temperatures about other with sunshine. we'll take it. >> that is a nice day. >> we have some snow possibly coming maybe for valentine's day. >> later tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. i think it will be out of here
5:32 am
by early thursday. we've got this period of just like beaver a had all winder long, sort of a rain-snow line setting up across the area. we'll detail that in a minute. your morning commute here washings fine. temperatures not even terribly cold. 49 in washington. mid-40s for much of the area here. colder weather off to the north appear west. it is 32 this morning in detroit. and in columbus. -- your morning commute here in washington is fine. it will be a breezy day. winds currently out of west at about 15. notice up towards hagerstown, your winds are 25 miles per hour. it should be a mostly sunny day. high pressure will keep things nice and dry. not concerned with any winter weather around here later this afternoon. our high temperatures will be
5:33 am
about five degrees above normal. there you go, nice and quiet with plenty of sunshine and again, we'll cloud up tonight and tomorrow, we return to a pattern that is somewhat familiar to us and i'll have details on the possibility of snow around here in just a minute. >> okay. thank you. that will make julie wright happy when you start talking about snow. >> she loves it. >> you hear that? >> i was focusing on what sarah was talking about curling up with your loved ones on valentine's day. >> my loved one has four legs and a tail and i awet nose. >> we've heard. >> don't be hating on the beagle. >> beagle bailey. >> this is where we have accident activity involving an overturned box truck. we are getting updated information from the scene. they tell me it was a produce truck that flipped over. for those traveling along northbound 29 trying to get past the scene, you do so single file to the left with very little delay. the ramp remains closed from westbound 32 to go northbound
5:34 am
on 29 in howard county. let's pop up our cameras. we'll show you what else is happening out here on the roads. no issues reported leaving dale city through woodbridge continuing northbound out through newington. all lanes are open right now, 395 coming across the 14th street bridge. easy drive headed for the southeast-southwest freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. thank you. we continue to follow breaking news in maryland where police are investigating a shooting that happened in college park. >> and apparently it happened on 36th avenue near the university of maryland campus and fox 5's melanie alnwick is live in college park this morning with the details and we understand that the police are in the process of having a press conference or they've already had it? >> reporter: no, we are waiting a press conference to happen shortly. so we are waiting to get more details from prince george's county police. we do understand at this point that they believe that what happened in this home in the
5:35 am
3700 block of 36th avenue was indeed a murder-suicide which would lead us to believe that again, murder-suicide would lead you to believe that there are at least two victims involved here. it happened about 1:00 in the morning. it is still a very active scene. we were able to get some video around the backyard of the house. we had some information that perhaps one person may have been found in the backyard. there were reports that there were two small fires as well when investigators arrived. really no more than like something that was like some barbecue brickettes or that sort of thing, little fires next to the fence or next to the house. nothing that required a huge response from the prince george's county fire department. there also were alerts sent out by university of maryland because this is a community that is very connected to the campus and at that point, when university of maryland sent
5:36 am
their alerts out, they had also mentioned that there were suspects that fled in a tan honda odyssey so we are trying to kind of put those pieces together and see how those may be related. and it doesn't appear at this point that this home would involve any university of maryland students but you insofar know. it is possible because of all the connects here in college park to the campus. and the campus was also on high alert anyway because there had been a number of armed robberies that had gone on on campus and off campus involving students since the end of january. and so they certainly had stepped up patrols with university of maryland police being on the lookout for those sorts of things. so any report that there may have been a crime involving a gun certainly, they wanted to let students and campus community know but again, we are waiting here. we are supposed to be getting a briefing from prince george's county police shortly so we should be able to have more
5:37 am
information for you in the 6:00 hour. juror thank you. we'll check in with you soon. we con to follow a developing story out of north. >> awhere officials are admitting country carried out a nuclear test today. white house is calling the test, quote, highly provocative. president obama says north creigh's nuclear program is a threat to world security. even china is expressing firm opposition this morning. later on this morning at the u.n. in new york, the security council will meet to discuss the nuclear test. president obama will deliver his state of the upaddress tonight. the economy is expected to be the central focus. the president laying out a plan to boost the middle class and create more jobs. gun control reform will also be addressed. first lady michelle obama will sit with the parents of hadiya pendleton, the chicago teen shot and killed just days after performing in the inaugural parade. south prings are under way for the vatican to set up conclave that will choose the next pope n a surprise nday, pope benedic
5:38 am
announced he is stepping down on february 28th citing his age. the news comes right before the start of lent. the college of cardinals will choose the 85-year-old upon tough's successor. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, a good reason to check your credit report if you haven't taken a look at it lately. >> we'll tell you about a charleston problem get a lot of attention right now. 
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5:41 am
three people were killed in a shooting at a courthouse on monday in wilmington. a gunman opened fire in the lobby killing two women he knew. police shot and killed the man. an army veteran was honored with the nation's highest award for his bravery in afghanistan. former staff sergeant clinton romasha was given the medal of honor yesterday. he was hit with shrapnel in a day-long battle defending appear paren most in afghanistan. he charged 100 yards into enemy fire to try to save other troops who were hit. he did two tours in iraq before his action in afghanistan. he is the fourth living medal of honor recipient honored for service in iraq and afghanistan. also making headlines this morning, a new government study shows nearly 40 million
5:42 am
americans have errors on the yet its report and 20 million have mistake. some errors can cost you loans, a job or better interest rates and coming up at 8:00 arab credit experts joins us live in studio with tips that can help you make sure your credit report is right. still ahead, it was the sort of emergency report that no one wants to see. warning air zombie apocalypse. >> we'll tell you how the false alarm was sent out by one steve station out west. we'll check back in with julie for more on your morning commute. tucker is talking about the chances of snow heading our way. we'll be right back. ñs
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back. we're anxiously awaiting tucker barnes' arrival. there he is. >> dramatic entrance. >> sorry, i had to reset the computer so it took a second. >> always something. >> at least you're here. >> yes, i made it. we have a nice-looking day for your tuesday. should be a lot of sunshine. high temperatures in the low 50s. we'll take it. a bit of a breeze this morning. if you want to go sailing early, sarah, this would be a good time. >> i'll get right on that. >> winds out of the west at about 25. it will be a breezy day.
5:46 am
here we go, 49 at reagan national. 41 this morning in leonardtown. 42 in salisbury. we shift gears and get out to virginia. temperatures are in the 40s as well. again, it is not a terribly cold morning. 41 in manassas. 43 in hagerstown and 45 in martinsburg. highs later today, low 50s. low to mid-50s. lots of sunshine. should feel pretty good. there will be a bit of a breeze here, particularly the first half of the day out of the west. looking at the satellite-radar. we're looking fine. high pressure will build in not did i today. that should give us a nice looking afternoon. plenty of sunshine expected around here for the day. i've got the wider picture up because i want to slow you our next storm taking shape and here it is in northern texas and oklahoma. this will get pushed up along the southern jet stream here and pushed towards the washington area later during the day tomorrow. so i think later tonight, we'll cloud up and during the afternoon tomorrow, we'll have a period of rain and/or snow across the area. best chance for snow will be washington, point north and west. and it is possible we could do some accumulating snow late
5:47 am
tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night for parts of the area. much of the area will be rain, i'm afraid. i know that snow lovers are a little disappointed. here is the forecast for today. high pressure keeps things nice and dry. we'll watch the area of low pressure develop to the south. that pushes towards the area during the day tomorrow. i think we wake up with clouds tomorrow but by tomorrow afternoon, that rain-snow line setting up could end for most of us as a brief period of snow tomorrow night before the system wipes down. we could be talking about some assume lathes. still a little early to call how much we could get. i think a couple of inches is a possibility. this isn't a terribly strong storm but moving just to the south and east, it will be far enough away that it will hopefully drag enough cold air in for those of that you want snow will get a little bit tomorrow afternoon. 51 today, plenty of sunshine, breezy conditions. winds out of the west at 10 to 15. tonight, 33 the overnight low becoming cloudy and chilly over night. winds north at five to 10. tomorrow, definitely cloudy. certainly a period of rain and/or snow across the region
5:48 am
during the afternoon and evening. i think that evening rush hour tomorrow night could be a little slippery. and thursday, friday, sunshine and then we get cold dpep this weekend. could be another coastal storm this weekend. still a lot of question marks. can't quite tell what day it will arrive if it will arrive at all. stay tuned for the weekend forecast. okay. that is a look at your weather. let's do some traffic and find out what is happening with julie. you got your beads ?its a mardi gras. >> ma means it is fat tuesday. >> that means it is fat tuesday. >> yes, it is. >> that means lunch is on wisdom. >> the crew in sky fox has made their way over this accident activity on the ramp from westbound 32 to go northbound on 29. it is of overturned bach truck. we are told they offloaded that vehicle and now they have to get it back up on its wheels to get that ramp reopened. westbound 32, the ramp to go northbound remains closed. if you are traveling northbound on 29, all your lanes have been reopened. it is just the ramp that
5:49 am
remains blocked off right now. maryland state police on the scene along with some help there. overturned vehicle that was loaded with produce. westbound along 32. let acontinue with the cameras. we'll show you what else is happening on the highways. eastbound i-07 approaching meyersville for the crash. southbound on 270 coming in out of hyattstown. heavy volume south of 109 continuing out towards clarksburg. 270, a better trip for you out of rockville. land are open coming across the american legion bridge, eastbound 66 picking up the usual suspects and starting to slow habibie out of centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a montana television station show was interrupt bid an unexpected announcement. a zombie apocalypse. the montana television network says its emergency alert system was hacked with the message dead bodies are rising from their graves. at letter also warned people
5:50 am
not to approach the zombies. the network is investigating the hacking incident. whoa! >> that one is a deep one. i don't even know what to say after that. >> the tv station, you think that is one of the worst things that could possibly happen. the wizards are working their magic. >> yet another win to washington on the road. dave ross is here with your forties breakfast when we come back. back.   -- with your sports breakfast when we come back. 
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
dave ross. that's all the incident row you got. >> we're short on time. >> let's get to it. we talk about baseball. guess what today is? pitchers and catchers report. they are down in florida. much more from the nats as we go forward. but we will begin today. highlightwise with wisdom martin's favorite, the washington wizards. >> that's right. >> win number four on the road. >> that's right. >> last night in milwaukee. and your guy bradley beal came off the bench and had himself a game. >> any coincidence they are playing in the bradley center and he got a career high with
5:54 am
28 for bradley beal. laying it in there. watch a. j. price here. stick to itiveness. no john wall highlights and the wizards still win on the road 102-90en are you imrest sphd. >> yeah. >> you are? >> i mean any time they get a win, i'm impressed. >> four trait wins -- four straight wins for the wizards. >> starks is going to tip it up ahead thee. and there he goes. up and in. the kid is pretty good. georgetown by 10 at the half. this is really a battle for first place in the big east. both teams, marquette was in first. guess what. after this win for georgetown, they are now tied for first
5:55 am
with the 63-55 win. both teams 8-3. and porter takes the body and the arm. yfer wads, jt3 talked about his emerging superstar. >> he is one of the best players in the country. he has consistently shown that. -- afterwards, jt3 talked about his emerging superstar. >> he takes pride and excels at every at appendectomy of the game. >> i wonder if that is uncomfortable when they have to sit there with the coach and saying he's the best player in the land. >> it would be horrible if they had to sit there after a loss. >> not so great of a player today. >> take it when you can get it. >> michael vick is going to take t he is going to steak some money. he will stay in philadelphia. >> taking a pay cut. >> a one-year deal now. it could be valued up to $10 million for the one year.
5:56 am
>> that is a pay cut? >> tallahassee a pay cut. >> it was like 14 or 15 before, right? >> he had a big contract last year. but-- >> how is he survive on $10 million i don't our own london fletcher decided to tweet last night. he said congrats on stay with the eagles. love competing against you, bro. nfc is ours. fletch is kind of ones those backhanded compliments. welcome, congratulations but the division is ours. kind of like it? you like the trash talking in february. >> no. i mean it's february. >> we like to see that rivalry. >> it is just the redskins letting the eagles know. we don't care if you have michael vick or not. it is still our division. they won the indication dwition after all. mum's the word.
5:57 am
>> early. -- they won the division after all. >> i like it, fletch. they are after all, the twigs champs. >> yes, period. >> not impressed with the wizards. not impressed with the -- >> it's still early. >> who made the coffee today? >> he did. >> straight ahead at 6:00, we'll go live to fox business network in new york to talk about a new translation tool facebook is rolling out. ing ou
5:58 am
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